Cathryn Schmidt
eLearning Multimedia Producer
Use powerful multimedia to tell your story
Everyone loves a good story. 
Whether yours is about your company, a concept or a procedure, your story can help engage and anchor learning. Let me help you build or enhance your story with a strong concept, illustration, photo, audio, animation, or video. Create an immersive experience for your learners, built on evidence-based online learning guidelines. See some of my examples below.
Let me help you build your story
The design process (script writing, storyboarding, sound design, photography, videography, animation, and interactive development) can take a mere concept and transform it into an experience. As an eLearning Multimedia Producer, I can help with any part of that process. 
Moving visuals, without the boundaries of photography. This approach is great for conceptual learning.
Tell your story yourself, or allow it play out onscreen. This approach is great for historical information and step-by-step procedures.
 Let images fill in the details, provide context or add emotion. This approach is great for quick learning.
Let's talk!
Got an idea, a story or a project to discuss? Send me a note to get a quote!

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